the Technology of Combined Helicopter-Borne Electromagnetic and Magnetic survey

EQUATOR provides time-domain electromagnetics and high-precision magnetics.

Proprietary methods of signal processing provide deep penetration and low weight and power requirements at the same time.

Detailed description of magnetics technology can be found here.

EQUATOR on the survey in Angola

Product sheet

Presentation from PDAC2011 convention



System Features

  • The system is highly effective in both conductive and resistive environments.
  • The system is easy to transport and to install. It can be transported by a car and installation time is about 4 hours.
  • Due to system compact design survey speed can vary from 0 to 170 km/hr and data quality doesn't depend on a survey speed.
  • The system provides full-time measurements.
  • High-frequency signal analysis allows high resolution even at subsurface layers.
  • Calibration is needed only once per flight.

System in Use

EQUATOR first surveys were conducted in 2010 year in Eastern Sayan Mountains in July and September and in Arkhangelsk region in October; 1200, 1500 2000 line kilometers were flown correspondingly.


Below are some results from Eastern Sayan region, where survey condition are rather hard:


Apparent conductivity map
conductivity map
Anomaly magnetic field map
magnetic field map

System Specification

  • Dipole moment: 100 000 A*m2
  • Base frequency: 77Hz
  • Pulse shape: half sine
  • 3-axis receiver is placed in the towed bird
  • Receiver bandwidth: from 77 Hz to 12 kHz
  • Power requirements: 100A (27V)

Weight and Dimensions

  • Tow cable length: 70m
  • Towed bird is suspended on the tow-cable midway between the transmitter and the helicopter; weight 30 kg
  • Transmitter: weight 150 kg; loop diameter 7,5m; number of turns - 4
  • Total weight: 250kg